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Software development

Smartphone and tablet apps

As certified partners of Apple, Google and Microsoft we build your iPhone/iPad, Android or Windows-Phone-7 mobile apps.

Your advantages offered by us:

  • We develop the same app for different platforms with minimal overhead.
  • Classy graphic design and sophisticated function (our team consists of experienced developers and designers)
  • Absolutely fair fix prices, all inclusive offers.
  • If you like, we also take care of publishing in the different app stores for you

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PC applications

We are your dependable partner with respect to Windows- or Linux desctop and server application development. Of the many different software technologies we carefully chose the right one for you and your project.

Our team has extensive experience with the following technologies:

  • Programming languages: C# (CSharp), Java, C, C++
  • Scripting languages: Ruby, Python, Lua, JavaScript, Tcl
  • GUI Toolkits: WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation), GTK, QT, WindowsForms, Swing, etc.
  • Application Frameworks: Framework bzw. Mono
  • 3D Frameworks: DirectX, OpenGL

Web development

We create your data based web application in

  • RubyOnRails or