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The founders of eqqon

Wolfgang Zelenka manages finance, business development and quality control. Before the foundation of eqqon, the greatest achievement of his long technical career was designing and managing development of the intelligent public address system Variodyn D1 at av-digital.

Meinrad Recheis manages technology and product development as well as sales. During his study of computer science he worked as a software engineer at av-digital where he was given the honor to design and implement the innovative configuration software Designer for Variodyn D1.


Foundation and previous history

The company eqqon was founded in the year 2009 by Meinrad Recheis and Wolfgang Zelenka and is since developing and selling the innovative evacuation management software director. Both founders are former developers at the company av-digital where they significantly contributed to the development of the high-tech public address system VARIODYN D1. Before that Wolfgang Zelenka was already involved in the development of the predecessor system VARIODYN 3000 at SIEMENS.

Commercial launch of the software "director"

At the end of 2009 and the beginning of 2010 director had been deployed and proven itself under real world conditions at an airport in Germany as well as a major shopping mall in Austria. Subsequently eqqon was able to win renowned partners in the industry and is in close cooperation with them since then. A number of interesting projects in the fields of public transportation, industry, public security and inland as well as ocean shipping followed.

Due to many years of profound experience in VARIODYN systems D1 und 3000, these systems are perfectly supported by director. Particularly, director is the only management system that is able to almost seemlessly integrate the incompatible generations of VARIODYN systems.

Company policy

eqqon understands itself as an innovator with its core competencies in product development and is going to continually expand the product range. So far, customers value eqqon for the adaptability of its products and especially for the individual und professional customer support. In case you are interested in first-hand information about new product launches and extensions of existing products, you are kindly invited to sign up for the quarterly Newsletter by sending a mail to feedback(at)

Contact information

eqqon GmbH
Friedmanngasse 32/20
1160 Wien, Austria

Email: office(at)
Tel.: +43 (0) 680-31-800-37
Fax: 01/25-330-339-356