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Author: eqqon GmbH
director  -  Public Address Management Software
The director is a Public Address Management Software. You get a fast overview your system's status and can operate life- or text calls easy from a graphic user interface.   Read director ...


Author: eqqon GmbH
AudioWorx  -  D1 Terminal
The AudioWorx D1 Terminal is a text based Terminal developed for interaction with Variodyn D1 DOM devices via TCP/IP Telnet (port 23) or EIA232 serial interface. Several features support you to get easier access to the command line interface of the D1 DOM.   Read AudioWorx ...



C# is very powerful while still remaining amazingly fast. But the language alone is not as effective as using it together with the Visual Studio IDE. The resulting developer performance is unbelievably high. Never before have software developers been more productive. C# Articles ...



The Future of Ruby!

Yukihiro Matsumoto's C implementation of Ruby aka Main Ruby Implementation is considered the Quasi-Standard of the Ruby Language since there has never been an explicit language standard for Ruby. As the number of implementations grows, however, a formal standard seems to become necessary to prevent the horror scenario of various non-conform interpreters. Read on ...

Extending Ruby with C functions is quite easy. After you have learned the principles and worked through some ambiguous usage of the API functions you can make use of the power of Ruby in a C program. Then it is possible to save time and effort by only solving the time critical tasks in C and do the complex logic in Ruby. Check out this simple tutorial and get familiar with the Ruby C extension API quickly. Read on ....