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Released Director Versions

Director V1.4 Splash.png
Director V1.3 Splash.png

Version 1.5

Version 1.4

30.4.2010: eqqon director V1.4 released - Introduced many user interface enhancements and more widgets. Read on ...

Version 1.3

  • source dependent volume controls
  • enhanced user management
  • graphical user interface
  • predefined filters for event history
10.4.2010: eqqon director V1.3 released - A fully customizable user workspace is now available. Read on ...

Version 1.2

  • Auto-Logoff on user inactivity
  • minimize to tray icon
  • memory requirements optimized
  • window positions are now restored
11.2.2010: eqqon director V1.2 released - director is a comprehensive security and evacuation management system with a focus on Public Address Evacuation. You get a fast overview of your system's status and can operate life- or text calls easy from a graphic user interface. director supports Variodyn D1 and Variodyn 3000 Public Address systems. Read on ...